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Masterplan Camber

Allies & Morrison carried out a great deal of work in researching and collating the necessary data to prepare the Camber Masterplan (kan je linken naar een item bij de updates???zie workshop 4): ecology assessment, landscape appraisal, transport study, tourism study, sustainability appraisal, property appraisal and urban design assessment.  This involved visits to Camber and its surrounding area, and consultations with the key stakeholders.

One particular highlight came in February when the project team were the guests of the University of Ghent; whose students had selected Camber as a case study for their coursework.  The students presented their work and their ideas (in English!) to the team, and we were all very impressed with the quality of work and the imaginative and thought-provoking ideas that were presented.

There was a public meeting in April at Camber Village Hall, where Allies & Morrison presented their thoughts and ideas to date and invited comment and discussion through workshops.  Again, this stimulated some interesting discussions and ideas.  Not surprisingly, long-term residents of Camber love the village for what it is, and there is a natural tendency to resist the idea of change.  Sometimes this can lead to negativity when trying to engage with local residents. However, it became clear that everyone agreed with the need to stimulate more jobs and better local facilities, and our discussions were therefore constructive and positive.

The draft Masterplan document is now approaching completion, ready to be approved as a published draft for a formal six-week consultation period in the autumn.

Allies & Morrison verrichte reeds heel wat studiewerk en data voor het masterplan van Camber: onderzoek werd verrichte naar ecologische diversiteit en impact, mobiliteit, waardering van het landschap, toerisme, duurzaamheid, eigendomsstructuren en urban design. Ze consulteerden hiervoor ook de grote stakeholders. In februari presenteerden studenten van de HoGent hun ideeën en bijdragen aan het masterplan van Camber (kan je linken naar een item bij de updates???zie workshop 4) In april werden de inwoners en stakeholders van het project uitgenodigd in het gemeentehuis van Camber om over het project te discussiëren. Diverse workshops toonden aan dat de inwoners Camber waarderen zoals het is en weigerachtig staan tegenover elke ingreep. Wel werd de noodzaak erkend dat tewerkstelling gestimuleerd moet worden en dat de voorzieningen verbeterd kunnen worden. Alle input wordt momenteel verwerkt en in de herfst zal het masterplan afgewerkt zijn.


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